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Lighting design and electrical work are closely intertwined fields, each relying on the expertise of the other to create safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments to suit the requirements of a commercial or residential project. While Electricians are primarily responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems, including wiring, outlets, and fixtures, lighting designers bring a creative vision to the utilisation of light within those systems.

Lighting is often perceived as an abstract concept. Visualizing the impact of lighting configurations can be challenging.

For an Electrician, collaborating with a lighting designer can significantly enhance the quality and efficiency of their work. Here’s how Rapid LED can help:
We provide lighting calculations to assist Electrical Contractors in properly determining the type and quantity of lighting needed for their projects, in that way ensuring the appropriate selection of lighting products.

Rapid LED’s team of Lighting Designers possess a deep understanding of lighting fixtures, controls, and technologies. By working closely with our team, your business can gain valuable insights into the latest lighting products and installation techniques, ensuring that projects meet both technical specifications and design requirements.

You can close your eyes and imagine a 3-seat reclinable dark blue leather sofa grandpa style, it’s easy. Now try to imagine the amount of light you will get with a sequence of 3 COB LED spotlights, providing 89 lumens per watt, each with 35 watts, a 36° beam angle, 3000k in colour temperature, and with multifaceted reflector projected on top of a jewellery display cabinet storefront when suspended at 4.5m. A bit hard to visualize that.

Our calculation reports and renders aid in understanding and optimizing different lighting scenarios. We offer lighting calculations to achieve the requirements of the Australian Standards aiming to make sure the products proposed are being distributed correctly within a project. It’s more technical than a creative solution.

By offering lighting design services in addition to traditional electrical work, your business can differentiate itself in a competitive market and attract new clients seeking comprehensive solutions for their lighting needs. Collaborating with a Rapid LED Lighting Designer allows your business to expand its service offerings and provide added value to your customers.


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